20 DEC 2016:  No work No Pay for Strike dated 15.12.2016 :  BSNL  Corporate office issued instructions to all circles for compliance on letter dated 14.12.2016 regarding strike on 15.12.2016 on "No work No Pay" along with details of absence and deduction of pay. <<<Letter>>>

20 DEC 2016:  Amendment in BSNL transfer Policy :  Based on recommendation of review committee, BSNL corporate office issued amendment in Para 8 & 9 of BSNL Transfer Policy. <<<Letter>>>

20 DEC 2016:  Preparatory work for promotion to the cadre of AGM /DE(T) : Reminder  :  BSNL corporate office issued reminder to all circles for sending screening committee report in respect of all AGM /DE(T) adhoc whose names appearing in seniority list No. 5, 6 & 7.<<<Letter>>>

10 DEC 2016:  Declaration of Assets and Liabilities by Public Servant :  DOP&T amended section 44 of Lokpal and Lokayuktas act 2013 regarding declaration of Assets and Liabilities by Public Servant.  As per the amendment of the act 2013, there is no requirement of filing of declaration of Assets and Liabilities by Public Servant. The government is in process of finalizing new set of rules. These rules will be notified in due course. All Public Servants will be required to file declaration of Assets & Liabilities as per fresh rules.<<<Letter>>>

10 DEC 2016:  Result of 1st Membership Verification :  BSNL corporate office officially declared the result of the 1st Membership verification and also mailed to all GS of the participating associations. Congratulations to SNEA for becoming No. 1 majority association and AIBSNLEA for No. 2 majority association. <<<Letter>>>

7 DEC 2016:  Updation / Entering of Staff No.(SDE) in ERP :  BSNL issued reminder to all circles and executives to update their staff No. / personal details in  ERP. <<<Letter>>>

06 DEC 2016:  ALERT !!! :  Friends, it is observed that some leaders of SNEA are spreading wrong message on their website as well as through whatsapp groups that LDCE issue will be resolved after MV. The information placed regarding financial support for Mumbai High court case is misleading. The RP was filed by Kalyan SSA and expenditure around Rs. 50, 000/was borned by LDCEans of Kalyan SSA. The expenditure for only one hearing is not more than 50,000/- in HC which is not entertained by High court due to non-agitation of point that non-joinder of affected parties by BSNL. It is in question, when CS SNEA was available in circle office Mumbai then why he kept silence till outcome of case in high court Mumbai?. If more expenditure is involved then he should produce bill of advocate to support his statement.  All of you aware that we were pursuing LDCE issue with these associations since last 1.5 yrs but their GS was telling this issue is closed. Now ABLE re-opened the case in Hon. Supreme Court with full confidence, these leaders are busy in misguiding our LDCEans with false promises. All of you might be remembered that one message was viral which was leaked as per letter of DS AIGETOA Warrangal, Telangana with instructions to try to weak ABLE. It is part of their game plan to dominate the LDCE executives. GS ABLE Sh. Rajesh Guptaji appealed all members to vote only ABLE at Sr.No.4  and do not believe in such false promises. These promises are up to 07.12.2016 only and after that no one will receive your calls.

06 DEC 2016:  Message from GS ABLE :  GS ABLE Sh. Rajesh Guptaji conveyed all executives that some representatives of other associations are sending confusing messages to our members. Do not believe in false promises. Your vote to ABLE will give Justice to LDCEans, non-LDCEans and BRs. Please go through the manifesto of ABLE to know the views of ABLE. He appealed all executives to Vote 'ABLE' at Sr.No. 4.


03 DEC 2016:  Appeal to all executives :  Dear friends, please go through the Manifesto of ABLE and views of ABLE on CPSU hierarchy before participating 1st membership verification. The policy of ABLE is transparent for all Executives. Either you are ldcean, non-ldcean or BSNL recruits, there is no extra weightage for particular group.  All executive should get equal justice either it is a case of pay parity, 3rd PRC, promotion or transfer. GS ABLE Rajesh Guptaji appealed all executives to support ABLE by casting your Vote at Sr.No. 4 for your bright future.

02 DEC 2016:  Alert for all Executives  :  Dear comrades, last 5 days left for the 1st Membership Verification and  you will experience that the representatives of other associations will approach you with commitment but keep in mind whenever we have approached earlier with groups of LDCEans to CHQ team of old association, they purposely conducted meeting seperately with reason that SCF executives will be disappointed.  Every time we are cheated by giving false commitment, but none of the association taken this important issue with management nor filed case in any court to get justice to both the categories of executives. Executives are retiring without promotions but now also same game is being played. All are executive are wise enough to understand. Be united and caste your Vote to "ABLE". 

30 NOV 2016:  Attention of All CS  :  Dear comrades, the list of LDCE2002, 2007, 2012 and 2015 is attached herewith for your information. It is requested to sort out LDCE wise and prepare sheet of LDCEans of your circle along with mobile number and mail it to . It is also requested to form a team in view of membership drive in your circle, please talk personally to each LDCEan in your circle. Please remember voting other association will not change your fate but your vote to ABLE will definitely change your fate. So all are requested to vote "ABLE" at Sr.No. 4. <<<ldce2002>>>, <<<ldce2007>>>, <<<ldce2012>>>, <<<ldce2015_OC_SC_ST>>>

The General body of ABLE MP circle conducted today at Indore in presence of  CHQ ABLE President Sh. G. P. Patelji and GS ABLE Sh. Rajesh Guptaji. GS ABLE addressed the gathering and discussed the issues related to court cases and role of ABLE in development of BSNL. GS replied all the queries raised by the executives on whatsapp groups of different circles. GS also clarified that there is no DPC immediately and letter regarding calling of VCs for list No.7 without time limit clearly indicate its meaning. The meeting was highly successful and each executive expressed their faith on GS and President and everyone assured to vote only ABLE. The policy and vision of ABLE is very clear and beneficial to to all executives either you are LDCEan, non-LDCEan or Direct recruit. GS ABLE appealed all the executives to vote ABLE at Sr.No.4 for your legitimate right and justice to everyone. <<<Query_replyby_GS>>>

29 NOV 2016:  GS ABLE at Indore today for campaign of 1st MV  :  ABLE CS MP circle & All India ABLE President Sh. G. P. Patelji has called General Body meeting of ABLE executives of MP Circle at Indore on 29.11.2016 from 12:00hrs to 16:00hrs. GS ABLE Sh. Rajesh Guptaji is attending this meeting and will address the gatherings and will answer the all queries of our members. He will also brief the status of court cases and our demands listed in Manifesto. It is requested to all executives to make it grand success  and ensure all vote will be at Sr. No.4. 

28 NOV 2016:  Calling of VCs from seniority list No.7 as a part of Preparatory work for DPC  :  AGM (DPC) BSNL corporate office issued letter to all circles to forward vigilance clearance of AGM / DE(adhoc) and SDEs whose names appear in seniority list No. 7. This is a part of preparatory work of DPC. There are are around 750 vacancies of AGM /DE(T) and generally VCs are called double the vacancies. In view of only 750 vacancies, even seniority list No.6 cannot be covered in DPC. Then it is in question, without declaration of available vacancies how VCs are called from seniority list No. 5, 6 & 7. In fact there are no chances of any DPC in near future as there is legal hurdle. It seems that it happens in view of 1st MV on 07.12.2016  <<<Letter>>>

26 NOV 2016:  LDCE 2012 : How seniority of 2123 LDCEans will be affected?  :  All of you aware that the LDCE2002 passed executives for vacancy year 1996 to 2001 are placed below the promoted officers for the vacancy year 2001 in seniority list No.7,  Similarly the LDCE2007 passed executives even though passed for vacancy year 2002 to 2005, they are placed at the bottom of seniority list No. 8 and did not get seniority as per quota & rota in the ratio 3:1 or 2:1. The seniority list No.9 is not published yet and it will be published in the same manner and all LDCE 2012 passed executives will be placed at the bottom of seniority list No.9 as the proposal for amendment of RR2002 is sent for approval for LDCE2015 only. If you read the affidavit filed by BSNL in Hon. CAT Chandigarh, you will observe the dual stand taken by BSNL and it can be again challenged in court and it will create seniority issue of LDCE2015. Hence our case in Supreme court is important to get justice to all LDCEANS. For LDCE 2012, even though vacancy year 2006 to 2009-10 is allotted but exam was conducted in 2012 and posting orders issued in 2013 but from 2009 to 2012, about 3902 promotions were issued in 75% quota from 2009 to 2011 and your seniority will be pushed down by 3902 number. So it is time to think and support ABLE to get your legitimate right by giving your valuable VOTE at Sr.No. 4. <<<dpc2009>>>(75%quota), <<<dpc2011>>>(75%quota)

26 NOV 2016:  GS ABLE written letter to CMD BSNL regarding Delay in promotion order of  LDCE 2015 :   GS ABLE Sh. Rajesh Guptaji written letter to CMD BSNL regarding delay in issuing promotion orders of successful executives in LDCE 2015.  He also expressed serious concern that every time LDCE qualified persons in Telecom Cadre are made to suffer. It happens only in BSNL. He requested to take immediate action for issuing promotion orders of LDCE 2015 passed executives at the earliest. <<<Letter>>>

25 NOV 2016:  Congratulations to ABLE Kerala circle !!!  :   GS ABLE Sh. Rajesh Guptaji & CHQ team appreciated for approval of Kerala Circle executive body under the dynamic Leadership of CS ABLE Kerala circle Smt. Ranimol M.S. and Circle President Smt. Seetha R. All the LDCEans of Kerala circle is well acquainted with the devotion of CS for members of the association. GS appealed all executives of Kerala circle to join ABLE to get your legitimate right. ABLE is bound to take all HR issues of its members such as 30% SAB, Parity in pay & standard pay scales E2 & E3 at par with MTNL, 

25 NOV 2016:  LDCE 2007 : How seniority of 1867 LDCEans affected?  :  After circulation of seniority list No.8, our LDCE friends do not know how their seniority is affected? Please compare the vacancy year for which you passed the examination and your seniority position to be fixed in draft seniority list published by BSNL on 30.03.2007 with  seniority list published on 04.08.2016. All are placed at the bottom of seniority list below vacancy year 2005-06 even though you have passed LDCE for 2002-03, 2003-04, 2004-05 or 2005-06.  Please refer intranet portal, about 3970 promotions made from 16.09.2004 to 28.12.2007 for seniority quota and LDCE promotions are made in 2008. Those were promoted earlier in seniority quota was given seniority as per JTO gradation list and no LDCE seniority as per slot allotment shown in draft seniority. Those were not promoted in seniority quota are directly placed below vacancy year 2005-06 instead of vacancy year allotted. Friends, we are not doing any injustice on our SCF friends but restoration of seniority list as per quota & rota, will pave way to to get promotions to all executives and none of our SCF friends will retire without promotion. <<<Draft seniority 30.03.2007>>>, <<<Final seniority04.08.2016>>>

24 NOV 2016:  ABLE meeting at MH circle :  The meeting of ABLE is conducted successfully at Circle office Mumbai on 23.011.2016. The members are aware that how LDCEans are cheated by making resolutions and made fool by giving false promises. AGS(W) ABLE Sh. C.R.Kadam, CS ABLE MH circle Sh. S.C.Kulkarni &  CP ABLE MH Circle Sh. S.M.Kotkar addressed the gathering how LDCEans and non-LDCEans are misguided by various associations and SCF friends are retiring without promotions due to divide and rule policy. It was appealed to all executives to support ABLE by giving your valuable vote at Sr.No.4. All the members are confident and full faith on GS ABLE and transparent policies of ABLE. The team of MH circle also met CGM MH circle and discussed issues of ABLE. CGM gave best wishes for ABLE team and ABLE team also assured to extend full support in development of BSNL.

23 NOV 2016:  General Body meeting of BSNL CO :  The General Body BSNL Corporate office held under the chairman ship of our dynamic GS Rajesh Guptaji in view of 1st membership verification on 07.12.2016. The General Body approved the circle body of ABLE for BSNL Corporate Office. GS appealed all members of ABLE not to deviate on false promises of any association andgive your valuable vote to ABLE at Sr. No.4.

22 NOV 2016:  Result : Direct Recruitment of JE from open market :  BSNL Corporate office published the result of exam conducted from 25/09/2016 to 29/09/2016 for direct recruitment of JE (Erstwhile TTA) from open market. <<<Letter>>>, <<<List>>>

21 NOV 2016:  General Body meeting of MP circle on at Indore 29.11.2016 :   ABLE CS, MP Circle Sh. G.P. Patelji has called General Body of meeting of ABLE Executives at Indore on 29.11.2016. GS ABLE Sh. Rajesh Guptaji is attending this General Body meeting and will address the executives on recent development in court cases, future on executives on implementation of CPSU Hierarchy, Roll of ABLE in BSNL development and welfare of executives. All executives of ABLE including non-LDCEans are requested to attend the meeting to know to views of ABLE.

21 NOV 2016:  ABLE campaign at MH circle office Mumbai on 23.11.2016 :  Comrades, CS ABLE, MH Circle Sh. S.C.Kulkarni ji has called meeting of LDCE & Non-LDCE executives in view of Membership Verification on 07.12.2016 at Circle office Mumbai on 23.11.2016 at 15.00hrs. All the members of ABLE from Telecom, WTP, WTR,  & AC are requested to attend the the meeting. ABLE Circle President Sh. Sunil Kotkarji and AGS ABLE Sh. C.R.Kadam will address the on recent development and views of ABLE. 

19 NOV 2016:  Campaign for membership Verifications :   Friends, you are aware that leaders of each association are on the job of convincing the LDCEans seperately (old fundas)  that after MV we will take up your issue. In present scenario, all LDCEans and non-ldceans are wise enough to under their Vote strategy. LDCEans at some places demanded written commitment of implementation of resolutions passed in CWC & AIC but no leader of their old association ready for written commitment. Non-LDCEans gets confused with dual policies of associations. All executives either LDCEan or Non-LDCEans are of the views that our executives are retiring without promotions. ABLE has clear view that when one LDCE passed executive will be promoted at the same time three SCF quota executives will be promoted and it will end the deadlock on promotions. The views on CPSU hierarchy submitted by GS ABLE is appreciated by all the executives. In addition to this, GS ABLE has taken care for the serious issue of DR JTOs regarding pay loss in 2nd PRC and 30% superannuation benefits for the BSNL recruited executives. All DR JTOs should participate in this movement for their Justice. Now it is time to join hands with ABLE and to strengthen ABLE for your future and VOTE ABLE at 4.

16 NOV 2016:  MV Process- Appointment of Polling team, counting team etc. :   In view of conduct of 1st membership verification for recognition of executive association in BSNL, BSNL corporate office issued direction to all circles for making appointment of Polling team, counting team for each polling station before 25.11.2016. <<<Letter>>>

15 NOV 2016:  Seniors drawing less pay than juniors :   In most of all the circles, large number executive complained this issue of Seniors drawing less pay than juniors. Executives have pay loss since 2007 but the reason given is it happened because of 2nd PRC. Old associations becomes party in many cases but none of the association filed case for generalization of  verdict received  in favour of some executives.

15 NOV 2016:  Calling of VC for SDE seniority List No. 5 & 6 :   AGM (DPC) BSNL corporate office issued letter to all circles to forward vigilance clearance of AGM / DE(adhoc) and SDEs whose names appear in seniority list No.5 & 6. As per Chandigarh CAT, BSNL can issue promotion orders without reservation, it means BSNL has to implement Chandigarh CAT Judgment. <<<Letter>>>

10 NOV 2016:  Cancellation of MT Exam notification :   BSNL corporate office issued letter regarding cancellation of MT recruitment examination notified on 30.04.2015 from internal and external candidates in Telecom Operation /Telecom Finance. <<<Letter>>>

10 NOV 2016:  Data required for AGM /DE(T) adhoc or Regular :   DPC section of BSNL corporate office requested all circles to forward the date of joining of AGM/DE(T) on Adhoc and Regular basis with respect to 711 executives as per list Urgently. <<<,Letter>>>, <<<List>>>

07 NOV 2016:  Status of 206 case in Hon. SC ( Expert committee) :   The rule 206 case (Expert Committee) is listed for hearing in Hon. Supreme Court on 08.11.2016. The case is at Sr.No.62 and chances for hearing are very less. Please visit restricted login for more details.

04 NOV 2016:  Preparatory work for promotion to AGM/DE(T) on Regular basis :   BSNL issued letters to all circles to forward the details including screening committee report of all SDEs /AGM/DET (Adhoc) whose names appear in the seniority list No. 5, 6 & 7 with reference letter dated 16/06/2016, 20/07/2016, 22/08/2016 & 06/10/2016 for considering them for promotion to AGM(T) Regular. <<<Letter>>>

03 NOV 2016:  Status of LDCE case in CAT Chandigarh :  The LDCE case came up for hearing today before Hon. CAT Chandigarh and BSNL filed affidavit in reply to the case filed by the petitioner. The case is posted for next hearing on 23.11.2016. Please visit restricted section for more details.

03 NOV 2016:  LICE Result : Group ‘C’ to JTO under 50% quota   :  BSNL corporate office published the result of Limited Competitive Examination for promotion from Group ‘C’ to JTO under 50% quota for the vacancy year 2014-15 held on 24.09.2016. All formalities related to seniority/promotion/posting and arrangement to send the successful candidates to the training is to be completed by respective circle within 15.12.2016 <<<Letter>>>, <<<List>>>    

03 NOV 2016:  LICE Result : Group ‘C’ to JAO under 10% quota   :  BSNL corporate office published the result of Limited Competitive Examination for promotion from Group ‘C’ to JAO under 10% quota held on 24.09.2016. All formalities related to seniority/promotion/posting and arrangement to send the successful candidates to the training is to be completed by respective circle within 15.12.2016 <<<Letter>>>, <<<List>>>

02 NOV 2016:  ABLE CHQ President met CMD BSNL at Bhopal  :  During the visit of Hon. CMD BSNL Sh. Anupam Shrivastavaji for inauguration of persuasion centre at Bhopal, ABLE CHQ President Sh. G.P.Patelji met CMD and submitted representation on behalf of ABLE and discussed our issues in detail and requested to take positive step to end the deadlock on promotions. Hon. CMD assured to look into.

01 NOV 2016:  Letter to BSNLCO on CPSU Hierarchy  :  As per email from BSNL Corporate to all associations to submit their views on modified draft of CPSU Hierarchy, GS ABLE Rajesh Guptaji submitted letter to Sr. GM(Pers) and copies to Dir (HR), Sr.GM(SR) to convey our views on CPSU Proposal and suggested modifications in proposed CPSU Hierarchy. GS ABLE also mailed this letter to GS of all executive associations. <<<Letter>>>

31 OCT 2016:  CPSU Hierarchy :ABLE views :  BSNL Corporate office has asked all the associations to submit their views on modified CPSU hierarchy. ABLE is submitting our views as per attachment. Please go through it.

"There has been hue and cry for the implementation of CPSU cadre hierarchy & race for taking credit for the same. Various associations are claiming that this is due to their persistent effort and continued pressure which has forced Management to propose this CPSU cadre hierarchy. But after analyzing the various clauses of CPSU cadre hierarchy, our Association has no hesitation in saying that it is nothing but old and rotten wine in a new bottle and an inferior one to the existing promotion policy (EPP)

Whereas we congratulate all those Associations who have played active role for this CPSU cadre hierarchy and are in a hurry for its implementation, but we request them that they need to analyze various clauses mentioned in the CPSU cadre hierarchy minutely because in a bit of hurry it may so happen that we may commit a irreversible grave mistake that may ruin our career and we are befooled to be coined by famous Hindi phrase: “जिस डाल पे बैठे हो उसी डाल को काटना ” (cutting the same branch of the tree on which one is sitting)" <<<CPSU_ABLE_views>>>

30 OCT 2016:  Best Wishes to All BSNL Executives for this Festival of Light, "Deepavali-2016"  : 

26 OCT 2016:  Alert !!! :  Comrades, it is observed that some leaders of other association are calling our members and leaders stating that they want to take meeting of LDCEan. Friends, please do not attend such separate meeting for LDCE issue. If they want to talk to our LDCEan then ask them to conduct combined meeting of LDCEan and non-LDCEan and they have to discuss LDCE issue in the house in democratic way before both the group. These leaders can show the documents in the house if the issue of LDCE was taken with management. We are against the separate meeting of LDCE or SCF.  It clearly indicates misleading to both the group.  The objectives of ABLEs are clear and transparent. ABLE want to end the deadlock of seniority issue and our executive ( LDCE or SCF) should get his right and should not be retired without promotions.

25 OCT 2016:  ABLE MANIFESTO Comrades, ABLE CHQ published our Manifesto with clear vision and motto of this association. The manifesto of ABLE will definitely focus on the fair and transparent policy of association. It is the policy of ABLE to get Justice to every executive. All promotions are stayed due to wrong interpretation of judgments for the interest of few persons and ABLE is the only association to resolve this issue once for all. Please go through our manifesto <<<Manifesto>>>

25 OCT 2016:  Status of PCAT case The PCAT case was at Sr.No. 91 for today's hearing but due to paucity of time the case is listed for hearing on 08.12.2016 after Diwali vacation. 

24 OCT 2016:  Status of PCAT / 206 Case / SLP by BSNL in 1966 case The PCAT case scheduled on 25.10.2016 against revision of seniority is listed for hearing at Sr.No.91 & 206 case (Expert committee intervention) in Hon. Supreme court is listed for hearing at Sr.No.17 and there is rare chance of hearing tomorrow.

BSNL didnot file SLP in LDCE seniority case when DOT asked BSNL to file SLP but due to pressure from some association to protect very few persons, BSNL filed SLP in 1966 case as the contempt filed in Bangalore High court is scheduled on 04.11.2016. Please visit restricted section for more details.

24 OCT 2016:  MP Circle congrats !!! Congratulations to MP circle team and All India President Com. G.P.Patelji for second meeting in MP circle with large number of executives in meeting. The executives wants to know about future of executives and not eager to know the history of once upon a time. All the promotions from JTO to SDE, SDE to DE are held up due to hidden policy of associations to discuss the seniority issue in particular group secretly to make them fool. None of the association discuss this issue in open session. This results in retirement of executives without promotions. It is the fact that when one LDCEan will promote, at the same time time three executives  of seniority quota will be promoted. Now executives understood the politics of associations for increasing membership and vote and executives are coming out openly to know the views of ABLE and ready to become member of ABLE to get Justice to every executives. The next meeting of MP circle is planned at Indore in next month. 

24 OCT 2016:  MH Circle conference at Pune. a Grand Success !!! GS ABLE Com. Rajesh Guptaji congratulate ABLE team of MH Circle for grand success of Circle conference at Pune on 23rd October 2016. CS Karnataka Com. B.Ravi also attended meeting as a chief Guest. AGS ABLE Com. C.R.Kadam addressed the gathering of members on the status of court cases, difference in present EPP & CPSU hierarchy, losses to executives on implementation of CPSU hierarchy if earlier provisions of EPP omitted. It is nothing but “Old wine in a new bottle” and rather an inferior one to existing promotion policy. Some of the members raised question on news of DPC on other association website. It is clarified by AGS ABLE that the news of DPC is misleading by keeping eye on referendum.

Comrades, BSNL either has to implement the judgment of Hon. CAT Chandigarh or to file appeal in high court to lengthen the promotion. Any attempt of DPC without court approval will be contempt of court order. It is clear that BSNL can make DPC without reservation in promotion but before that BSNL has to implement Hon. CAT Chandigarh verdict. So do not believe such thing as this is election stunt like political parties.  ABLE is submitting our views/comments and required modification in proposed CPSU hierarchy wherein LDCEan should get Justice.

Moreover the case of 1966 is failed two times in Hon. CAT & Hon. High court Bangalore and contempt of this case is scheduled on 04.11.2016 but these association forced management to file SLP before contempt date and the SLP for 1966 case is filed by BSNL in supreme court but not forcing BSNL management to file correct affidavit in LDCEcase.

ABLE CS MH circle Com .S.C.Kulkarniji stated in his address that do not believe on false promises as such type of statements is made for vote. Now period of more than 1.5 year passed after wrong revision of seniority and the leaders of existing association visited many times to some circles/SSA, every time they conducted separate meeting with LDCEans and tried to make fool by stating we are trying for restoration of seniority but after leaving station they forgot everything. They never written single letter to management for restoration of LDCE seniority nor written single line on their website.  He further told that ABLE is taking care of all issues of its member including HR issues.

ABLE President Co. S.M.Kotkarji welcomed all members for giving their valuable time for ABLE meeting and cleared doubts of members. Most of the non-LDCEans are retiring every months without promotions and we have to give Justice to LDCEans as well as non-LDCEans. He appealed to all executives to strengthen ABLE and discuss our views with all executives and vote for ABLE only. He also appealed to non-LDCEans to caste your valuable vote for noble cause and get justice which is your right.

The Chief guest CS Karnataka Com. B. Raviji attended this meeting in spite of ABLE meeting at Bangalore on 22.10.2016 without taking rest and addressed house. He also told that how the leaders of other association are cheating our members but our members are wise enough and understood the game played with LDCEans. He further told that these associations are pressing for JTO to SDE promotion under seniority quota but they are not worry for LDCEan 2015 who passed exam.

The other leaders of ABLE MH Com. V.M.Patil VP, CHQ Finance Secretary Com. Uttamji Khuspe expressed their views and appealed all LDCEans to make awareness in LDCEans and vote only for ABLE.

The adhoc body of MH circle is approved as regular body in General Body meeting of Pune with some changes for the period of two years from 23.10.2016 in presence of CHQ office bearers who were observers.   

 22 OCT 2016:  Grand Success of ABLE meeting at Bangalore:  Congratulations !!! ABLE Karnataka for grand success of General Body meeting at Bangalore. The General Body meeting of Karnataka Circle is conducted under dynamic Leadership of CS Ravi ji . The District Secretaries and representatives from almost all SSAs of Karnataka Circle attended this meeting in view of 1st Membership verification. MH circle ABLE President also attended this meeting and addressed the large gathering of ABLE comrades. All the members of ABLE showed their faith on work of ABLE and every member has confidence that ABLE is the only association which care for the career of executives and all executives will believe in ABLE and ABLE will be the popular & major association in near future.  

22 OCT 2016:  Issue of contract Labours :  BSNL Corporate office issued instructions to all circles regarding issues of contract labours  to be taken with contractor as per terms and conditions with due regards to labour laws and no need to negotiate/discuss with any union in BSNL including recognized unions <<<Letter>>>

22 OCT 2016:  Response of associations to CPSU hierarchy :  BSNL Corporate office asked all General Secretaries of Executives associations to submit their comments on the points in the proposal of CPSU hierarchy latest by 01.11.2016 <<<Letter>>>

21 OCT 2016:  General Body meeting of MH Circle :  ABLE CS MH circle Sh. S.C.Kulkarni & President Sh. S.M. Kotkar conveyed General Body meeting of ABLE at MHS Pune on 23.10.2016 in view of 1st Membership verification on 07.12.2016. All the issues regarding court cases, effect of CPSU hierarchy and future of executives will be discussed in meeting. CS ABLE appealed all the nearby districts of Pune to attend the meeting positively. The longest stations in Vidarbha & Marathwada can send their representatives. Second meeting will be arranged at Nagpur in next month. For the details of venue and query, please contact to Com. S.P.Dharmale ( 9422917888), Com. P.S.Kinikar (9422300333), Com. U.V.Khuspe (9422970055)